Thursday, November 10, 2005

Me and Billy Blanks

You know...I have a love/hate affair with Billy Blanks. You might know him as the Tae-Bo guy. Rather attractive, muscular dude that is a world champion ass-kicker.
I used to do one of his tapes almost everyday. And I could SEE the difference. And I've gotten WAY out of practice. So I thought I would give it a go again. *sigh*
He's great. It's a great workout. But I find myself calling him everything but a fitness instructor. My favorite being "you twisted ass" when he expects me to double time some kicks that leave me looking highly unattractive with the mother of all wedgies.
But I've committed myself this time. *snort* Funny how I use the word "committed." I'm seriously thinking I need to be at times.
I worked out today. Did some free weights. Yada yada yada. Let's see if I can keep up this time.

Now for a rant. Ya know, I'm rather sick of people with attitude problems. Really. There is a teacher at school that thankfully has pared down her workload. She has an attitude problem. She likes to yell. Combine that with my baby chicken who ALSO has an attitude problem. Get the picture? It is NOT a pretty one.
It's like seriously refereeing two children. But the adult has the advantage. She has the principal in her corner. Here's a few problems that I've encountered JUST THIS YEAR with the teacher.
1. She yells. A lot.
2. There is no discipline in that class. I've witnessed that firsthand. And thus...the yelling.
3. For some unknown reason, she lets other children get away with not having notes for sitting out in PE. Never mind that my child isn't one of them. She needs a note for everything.
4. Some little girl kicked my chicken's PE shoes and stuff out of her locker. And the teacher yelled at MY CHILD for not finding her shoes. I believe that the other little girl needed to be talked to.
5. The teacher has the principal in her corner telling my child that she's rude and won't be allowed to go back into PE.
Over my dead, freaking body. The principal, I'm sure, doesn't care for me much either. I have SEVERAL issues with the school this year. It's simply falling apart under pathetic leadership in several areas.
So I'll be going up Monday and letting them know we need to conference. I can work on my child's attitude problem at home. And believe me, we talked at length this evening. But there is also another attitude problem that needs to be addressed. I don't care HOW old she is.
This is the same teacher that I sat in front of at a Christmas program who badmouthed every teacher at the school. I was appalled.
So Monday ought to be ALL kinds of fun.

On a professional note...I wrote about 1800 words on another erotic romance short story. I hope to finish it by a week from now, polish, and send off. The entries...they are piling up for these anthologies. The second one has already been closed due to all spots being filled.
Have a great day!!!


Amy said...

I've thrown many a swear word at Billy Blanks myself. Good for you for getting back to him! And good luck with the school. Sounds like a no-good situation. :(

Tori Lennox said...

I used to have a few choice words for Mr. Billy Blanks too. Then I wised up and sold my tapes. *g*

You should be nice to him, though, and get him to kick the yahoos at school's collective butts. It sounds like they seriously need it. Hugs!

Tess Harrison said...

Now you've done it. I'm considering renewing my relationship with Billy!

Sorry to hear about school issues. I've been hearing a lot not so good stories this year on teachers and schools. Good for you for being active in your child's education.

Olga said...

Yay on getting back to excercising! And sorry about the teacher's attitude problem. Best of luck on Monday!