Saturday, December 31, 2005

One size does NOT fit all

Okay. Let's just get this out there.
One size does NOT fit all. I'm not talking simply about clothes. I'm talking about life choices, occupations, clothes, everything!
What works for me may not necessarily work for you. And vice-versa.

But isn't this shoved down our collective throats? "I can do it! Why can't you?"
What a load of bullsh*t.

We are individuals. We have our own thoughts and opinions. We have our own wants and desires. And that is something to be proud of...not hide. And to conform? Not hardly.

One size is a term that needs to be stricken from our vocabulary. NOTHING is one size fits all.

We flex. We learn. We grow. And we change. We always change.

And the beginning of another year, I offer you this:
"One size" is a myth. Don't buy into it. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Begin your New Year with thoughts of your own and goals of your making. And when others roll their eyes and make disbelieving noises, ignore them.
Because it's all about YOUR fit and YOUR life. They can deal with their own size.


Tori Lennox said...

Amen, sister!!!!

B said...

Ditto what Tori said! One size most certainly does not fit all. Which we all know good and well, yet we still spend our time and energy trying to fit into our respective molds. Why is that? I say we revolt and start livin' life on OUR terms! Screw the rest of 'em, they can have their one size fits all! *g


chryscat said...

Tori: HUGS! Thanks, woman!
Beverly: Screw a big bunch of 'em. LMAO

Rene said...

I totally agree. Amazing how long it takes us to figure that out. Isn't it one of those things you wish you understood way back in high school?

chryscat said...

Rene: YES! I would have harmed someone for this information back in the day. It is invaluable. And all I can do now is to try and get my own children to realize what a gift this really is.