Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sharing the weirdness

"List five of your weirdest habits. You pick. I didn't list my weirdest, weirdest cos those'd freak ME out. heh"

I've been tagged by Nancy Bond. Oh woman, you are SO in trouble!!! Check out her blog to see her weirdness (I don't want to be the ONLY one!)
And in no particular order:

1. I cannot let my microwave timer end on an even number. It bothers me. *grins*
2. I like to put my make-up (powder and lipstick) on while using the mirror on my visor in my auto.
3. When I ate hamburgers with buns, I would pick off the bun down to the part touching the meat. Somehow it tasted better. *laughing*
4. I have to eat my food separately. No mixing and mashing.
5. I cannot STAND trying to listen to the radio and hearing advertisements. I am one channel-surfing fool.
I have lots more...but this is ALL you people need to know for now.


Danica said...

Oh you are so not weird... come on, surely you can get weirder than that!

Tori Lennox said...

#5 is so not weird. That's normal. *g*

Nancy J. Bond said...

Thanks for playing and being a good sport, Crystal! And you're not so weird. ;)

chryscat said...

Danica: Um...I could. *big grin* But I'm afraid of the TMI factor. LMAO
Tori: I gather you do the same? *laughing*
Nancy: No problem. My pleasure.
And I leave y'all with this...weird is in the eye of the beholder.