Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yep, it's that time again

Hello everyone!
It's that time of year again. BOOK FAIR! And yes, I'm working a couple days this week to cover SOME of the costs of my kids' books. Little heathens. *laughing*
I worked 8-3 yesterday, and I'm working the same hours Wednesday. I absolutely love it. Nothing like a bunch of children running around and getting excited about books.
Plus, I get to embarrass my children at will. It's a win-win situation. I think I'm 2 for 3 right now. But then again, I'll be back Wednesday.

I handwrote 13 pages yesterday in between spurts of children. So I'm pleased with that, also. Now I just need to transfer all my writing onto the computer file. I was going to go back to bed this morning, but I don't see that happening now.

It's lovely here. Around eighty today. Seventy-three tomorrow. I love this weather. I'm simply hoping that winter won't bite us in the butt in another month or so. One week of a hard freeze to kill the bugs, and then I'm ready for the leaves to start growing again.

And Christmas? OH. MY. GOD. Um...first of all, the kids don't even really know what they want. Of course, the middle chicken has a BRATZ list. Because that's just how she is. The baby chicken wants one thing that she can think of. So I have to laugh. I think it's a twenty dollar toy from KMart. That one's in the bag. The oldest chicken probably wants more PS2 games.
I think we're going to go for a couple of bigger gifts they can all share this year. Electronics perhaps or something of the like. But where has the time gone? It's NOVEMBER!!!
*checking calendar and trying not to faint*
It's one month and seventeen days until Christmas. I know. I know. But I just had to share that. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Tori Lennox said...

Ugh. I don't even want to THINK about Christmas yet. I am so not ready.

Rene said...

Our book fair is coming up. We only have 2 hour shifts though, so I will try to sign up with someone I like to chat with.

I hate those Bratz dolls. Talk about a bunch of hoochie mamas. My daughter wants all the Barbie "Magic of Pegasus" crap. More small things for me to step on.

Tess Harrison said...

Oh, a book fair sounds so fun. I never seem to get to go to anything like that anymore.

As for Christmas, I've done a little shopping but nothing serious.

Amy said...

Fa la la and all that. *grumble* I'm not feeling it yet.