Sunday, October 23, 2005


Oh my goodness. *blinking*
I see Winter has arrived in my fair state. It's probably a balmy thirty degrees outside right now with strong winds gusting from the north. *shivering*
I have about an hour before I start making a difference around here, *grinning*, and cooking or something.
I like to cook on Sundays. Today we're doing fried chicken, potatoes, corn, and toast. Mmmmm
Good eatin', my friend.

My Author's Week at WCP Reader's Group has been great! I've had quite a bit of participation, and I absolutely LOVE to talk to fellow authors and readers. LOVE IT.
Now I'm working on my first book in my four-book set. And another naughty novel. I really do like writing both. All kinds of fun.
Hope everyone stays warm and safe.

Oh...almost forgot. *laughing*
We had a sheriff on our porch this morning at about eight o'clock. Seems some idiot stole a car and torched it in the pasture right across the street from ours. Can you believe that? We are VERY lucky that stuff didn't catch and spread.
And for this...I'm thankful.


Tess Harrison said...

That's crazy about the torched car! I'm glad it didn't spread too. And I'm also glad your writer's week has gone well. I'm preparing some Brunswick stew for dinner tonight, my husband's favorite. I decided to treat him.

Suzanne said...

Ack about the torched car!

Your Sunday dinner sounds yummy. I want to come over. :)

Rene said...

Dinner sounds good. My family got leftovers. Its what they deserve :)

Yeah, it was in the 60's here, so we wore sweaters.

What kind of idiot torches a car?

Tori said...

Your Sunday dinner sounds yummy!!!

Yikes! re the torched car. People are so weird.

Michelle said...

Wow! Scary on the car. Glad no more damage was done.

Amy said...

Yikes on the torched car! Glad the idiot ditched it across from you instead of in your yard!

Dorothy said...

That's what we had for dinner tonight! Except the toast. And we had rice instead of was it corn? Anyway, I love cooking on Sundays too!