Friday, July 29, 2005


I believe I wrote so much yesterday because I was supposed to be booked today. Working at the school and such. But that fell through, so I'm back home. My goal today is 3000 words. My afternoon will be broken up a little bit since I have to leave the house, but I'm sure I can swing the alloted amount of words. I want to finish this HOT story and self-edit at least twice by the end of August.
And there are so many other projects I want to work on! I suppose I'll simply listen to myself and figure out which would be next manuscript to hammer out. And I suppose we all know that I'll be working on three projects at once. *grins* Some things just aren't going to change.

School starts in less than two weeks! That, in itself, brings a smile to my face. heh


addendum: finished the 3000 words


Silma said...

Good luck with your goal! I reached mine and surpassed it today! Doesn't it feel good? *g*

chryscat said...

Way to go, Silma! I can see the smile from here.

Beth Ciotta said...

Oh, man. YOU are on a roll!

signed, Envious in Jersey

chryscat said...

Beth C.: You're so cute. Would it help if I told you I was taking this weekend easy? *grinning*