Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Author's Week

Hello everyone!
I wanted to invite you to my Author's Week I'll be having at Whiskey Creek Press Reader's Group. You can join the group at or you can simply go to the website and scroll to the bottom where it says "click to join."
I'll be posting excerpts of several of my works and giving away gifts such as downloads of my book, gift certificates, and an autographed paperback of my first release.
I would love to see you there! I will post throughout the day and respond to posts as they come in. There's no set time. You come and go as you please. It's just a great way to interact with readers and have a lot of fun.
I'll be there all week answering questions and talking about my books and writing.
See you there!


Olga said...

Crystal, I already stopped by and posted! Hope you'll have a great Author's Week!

chryscat said...

You are absolutely the sweetest woman! I appreciate it so much!

Olga said...

I was called the sweetest! Yay! No, honestly, I'm blushing! Chrystal*, you are a great person and a wonderful author, and I really wish you the best.

Tess Harrison said...

Was your week last week or this week? Hope it's a great one.

chryscat said...

Hello Miss Tess!
It's this week, starting tomorrow. I'm gathering my ducks right now.

Amy said...

Hope your week goes swimmingly! :)