Sunday, December 11, 2005

In a funk

Almost like a country song:
Creativity--zilch. My Muse is screaming: Forget a bunch of you! I'm on strike!
Personal motivation--I'm getting a busy signal.
Seasonal cheer--Is it January yet?
Children--Manic and mischievous. I'm contacting Santa about some coal importment.
Stress--all time high. What IS it about this time of year? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I have things to do! Place to go! Rooms to clean!
I'm beginning to think that bears really have it going on. Hole up and sleep. Or make like the squirrels and start storing nuts. Find a big tree. Ya know. *laughing*

And I have to go through the presents I've bought and figure out what is what. With all the's always a good time. (heavy sarcasm) I have to pick up little stuff and boxes tomorrow. Wrapping paper. Bows. Haven't put the tree up yet! OMG. Just shoot me.
I swear, right now, this will not be the case next year. *raising hand*
Then would help if the chickens had a steady list and not the revolving door list. ACK!

*breathing deeply*
*and again*
Even in the midst of this chaos...I'm thankful.


username said...

Sit down, have some caffeine and ponder your sanity for a moment.

Remind yourself you will retain it.

Jill Monroe said...

This time of year always brings out my craziness!

B said...

I'm feelin' ya all the way babe! I say scrooges unite! Bah humbug. ;D No seriously, chill sweetie, January is only a few weeks away. I can almost guarantee you'll make it without committing any (indictable) offenses. *crossing fingers!*


Silma said...

It must be the season that's affecting the Muses. Mine have gone off for the holidays too 'coz I've not been able to do much writing either.

Nancy J. Bond said...

You've made me feel SO much better, Crysal! ;-) And my tree's not up either, if it makes you feel any better. My ho-ho-ho seems to have deserted me this year. ?

chryscat said...

Kel: I'm thinking of using an electronic chip. That way I can at least see where my sanity has traveled to. What do you think?
Jill: AMEN! I'm ready for a little calm myself.
Beverly: *grinning* Let's hope so. Or at least, maybe I can hide the bodies so well that no one will find them.
Silma: What is this? A vacation for the Muses? That is just NOT right.
Nancy: I still just don't have it in me to be jolly. Isn't that awful? Maybe our ho ho will come back next year. You know...AFTER the holidays.