Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Y'all are the best

Okay. I have to vent. I'm sorry. But here it is.
The superintendent at the kid's school has a God complex. Apparently he told the Board when he hired in that he would do things his way. Period.
We had a nice two-hour chat yesterday (I'm mentally exhausted), and here's the sum of it.
Even though there are six children (sharp children) who have dropped a letter grade or two in at least one class...there are twenty-seven other children who are doing well. This one year won't do "irreparable damage" to them. If it were special education children who were having problems, he would hire an aide. But since it's not...oh well.
He went so far as to accuse the children of being lazy. Me of favoring my youngest child (She's so low-maintenance it's not even funny). And this just in...
the teacher who had the wall-eyed fit to keep all the fifth graders to herself popped off with, "It's not *my baby chicken* who has the problem. It's her mother." Nice, huh? Here and I will be having a little chat in the future. I can promise you that.
I have been officially villified by the four teachers involved, the principal, and the superintendent. Am I bothered? Not particularly.
The baby chicken's (ALL the chickens) academics have always been very important to me. The superintendent went so far as to say that grades don't matter. But if the schoolwide report cards drop...there will be consequences. I'm sure he'll think he can deal with that when it happens.
He doesn't think parents should be involved in any way, shape, or form with any scheduling or fund allotment for the children. We're all supposed to sit back, shut up, and deal with it.
I gave him a list of thirty-four questions that had to do with the school, teachers, and this schedule.
For the first thirty minutes of our meeting, he was the most insulting individual he could be without cursing me. I had an agenda. He wouldn't be a part of any school where the decisions were based on parents. Those questions were condescending and low. No one had ever talked to him that way before. I think that was the problem.
There is a massive hole on campus where I've heard rumors of a pond being there named after him. It turns my stomach, quite frankly. When I asked about it...who funded it...he said that they were hoping for a grant from the Wildlife Conservation. Interesting. I bet he still makes sure it bears his name. What an egotist.
I'm making another effort at the next school board meeting, but I don't see anything changing. Like I said, I'm the villain.
I'm not done fighting, but I don't hold out much hope I'll be taken seriously. There's a large dose of small-town politics attached to all this. And my roots don't run as deep as some others.
Wish me luck. And I adore all of you that left encouraging remarks. That's exactly what I need right now.


Danica said...

Well, this would be the perfect time to research explosives for a book. Oh wait, that's my fantasy. ;)

Good luck dealing with him.

Michelle said...

Good luck, Chrys!

Tori said...

What a bastard! Good luck, Crystal!

crissachappell said...

My condolences!

username said...

Bless your heart. Huge hugs.

I suppose homeschooling isn't an option you've considered? Yes, it is possible to homeschool and still write--I'm doing it. Well, I should say I'm homeschooling 2/3 of the orclings, not all three of them.

Anyway, you have my most sincere sympathy--several of my LJ posts this week have been related to the frothing idiots I live in the midst of and no, I'm not referring to my family. *g*

I may have even posted this stuff on the blog. So this week, yeah, you might have fun reading my posts. You'll know you aren't the only one.

Huge hugs again.