Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Policy

First, let me state again how happy I am to be working from my home. There are times like these when it's a godsend. I received word from one of my friends that still works where I used to, and there has been a change in policy. From now on...NO jewelry.

A little backstory. Yes, my old job was at a factory. A Fortune 500 company, I believe. And I worked in the lab. But there were several people who had to work around machines all day. And those little suckers can be tricky. Apparently they've pulled necklaces, rings, and such into the machines. Therefore, the jewelry is now a risk.

When I did work on the floor, I was fortunate enough to work with a man I'll call Tim. Tim was a family man. Everyday before we started, he'd take off his wedding ring and slide it onto the necklace he wore around his neck. Every evening, he'd slide it off and back onto his finger. Wise man, this Tim. And I took note of it.
However, there are several individuals (male and female) out at this plant who don't know the first thing about monogamy. It simply isn't in there vocabulary. Pity that. And I really think this "no jewelery" policy is going to be an open door for these "free thinkers." It's a regular Peyton Place out there, anyway. People who wear their wedding bands most often wear them for more than one reason. It means "I'M TAKEN." Peddle your wares elsewhere.
And now that this has been taken away, I'm sure that some individuals will see this as a buffet of people to check out. Think again.

I could understand it if the ring was immensely gaudy and stuck out. Or the necklace hung down to your navel. Or even if you liked those big hoop earrings. But making people take off a symbol of their love just so safety coordinators can say they're doing something...not so much.
The only items they can wear are stud earrings. That's it. And that's far too little considering the environment.



Olga said...

I wear two wedding bands, honestly! In general, as far as I've seen, women are more inclined to wear their wedding rings than men, so I agree with you. But my father did lose his finger because of the wedding ring.

Tess Harrison said...

I can't imagine not wearing my wedding ring. That would be too strange.

Tori said...

I've had relatives who lost fingers in factory work, so I can kind of see the point. But I see what you mean, too.

And what is it with workplaces and Peyton Place??? I think almost everywhere I've ever worked was like that!

Rene said...

The jewelry issue is a big deal in factories. The newest is open-toed shoes in offices because of the number of injuries from filing cabinets and toes.

My last job was inundated with engineers, so it wasn't particularly scandalous. We did have a very handsome veep that managed to land some very juicy contracts. Rumors ran wild about his "marketing strategies."

Lyvvie said...

Where did I put that ring sink or bathroom cupboard...Oh nightstand!

I've always found a wedding ring to bring men sniffing around faster than without. They seem to figure if you're married you'll be the girl to have fun with, but won't need a commitment from. Ditto for men really - A woman will simply try and entice your man away from you since he's obviously the settling down type. She'll try and save him from the boring existence that is his wife.

The ring has no power, it's all down to personal responsibility.

Makes sense not to wear them in factories for obvious stated reasons plus, they'd get all scratched and manky.