Sunday, September 04, 2005

Nervous energy

Right now I'm full of it. Um...nervous energy. I've just sent my Artist and Title info to my publisher for my third book. I need to update my website. There are three million things racing through my head right this minute. I've got Fox News on and am watching recovery efforts.

My nervousness stems from the fact that I think there is more wrong with me than the simple gallbladder. Mebbe I'm overthinking this. And mebbe not. I don't know. I DO know that I have pain in more places than just the usual spots. So, we'll see.

Then I have this whole school board issue coming up a day after my surgery. The kids' school is just all bent out of shape this year. There is complete and utter chaos. Children are being shuffled near and far. It's absolutely ridiculous. So I raised hell and contacted the school superintendent. I can state my case on Sept. 8th. Ayuh. The day after my surgery. I'll be stating my case from the sitting position, but I'm not waiting another month for another meeting. No way.
My fourth-grader has six different teachers. And her homeroom is the computer room. They don't even have DESKS. They are writing on their laps. Me=NOT happy. Apparently this school year is a cluster from Pre-K to high school. There are too many children on the buses. They sit three to a seat. And one bus has children sitting on other children's laps. This is just WRONG!
I need to put my thoughts together today and tomorrow so that I'm ready to fight the good fight for the children. Wish me luck.



Amy said...

Uh, sounds like a cluster. WTF are they thinking? Good luck with your surgery, and a belated welcome back!

Tori said...

Yikes! Go get 'em!!!

Olga said...

Good luck both with the surgery and the meeting!

Anonymous said...

FOX news is wimpy news and Republican bias... its all about CNN

Good luck with the surgery

Nancy J. Bond said...

Good luck with your surgery, Crystal. You'll feel like a new person. And don't give all those other pains a second thought right now--GB pain can cause referred pain to other areas. See if it doesn't all disappear once that sucker's outta there. :)

We went through a similar experience with my daughters' school when they were young. First they cut back so much that the classrooms were overflowing...then they threatened to close the school entirely and bus our kids an hour to and from another school each day. We finally got in touch with the media after getting nowhere with the School Board, and after a long, hard fight, ended up saving the school which--almost 20 years later--is still open and has had many renovations done. So, the squeaky wheel does get the grease sometimes. :) Stick to your guns.

Feel better soon--check in when you can.

Tess Harrison said...

Good luck with the surgery and the school board meeting. That is just wrong!