Monday, July 25, 2005

Conference envy and writing

Yes. I admit it. I have conference envy. Never mind the fact that I'm socially inept and uncomfortable around my peers. Never mind that I literally don't have anything to wear. Never mind that the last time my hair was done, I think it was P.C. (pre-chickens). Never mind I can't afford it. Never mind ALL that.
I'm sure it will be a great time. ;)

And Suzanne brings up a good point on her Romancing the Blog post. (Click the RTB button on my sidebar. It'll take you right there.) Yes, she may be kicking up her heels and having a good time, but the rest of us will spend that time writing.

Writing. The lifeblood of the industry. The reason that all those people are flocking to Reno this year. We will, in essence, be doing our own little literary mambo here in our houses. Would I prefer margaritas and half-naked cover models? Well, hell. Who wouldn't? But I will be holding my own while tapping away at my loverly keyboard. Criminey! I don't even belong to RWA. And honestly, I don't want to. How's that for twisted?
It's the camaraderie. It's the meeting of minds. THAT'S what I envy most. We could be meeting here at my backwoods house over BBQ. The location doesn't matter. It's the people. Always the people.
Oh. And the margaritas.

writing addendum: 2000 words yesterday on the HOT story. Hoping to add another 2000 at least today. MUST quit surfing web. heh


username said...

I don't know that I could evere do a con--I'm inclined to call a spade for what it is--a spade.

(Evil person that I am....)

Rene said...

I would love to go to conference mainly for the chance to party with other writers. I'd like to go to the workshops, but to be honest, there were only a few I really wanted to go to. I can always buy them on cd.

Yeah, I did read Suzanne's column. It didn't make me feel any better. I'd rather be out partying and getting a hangover to be proud of.

Tess Harrison said...

I wish I were going to Reno. But next year the conference is in Atlanta. Wooo-Whooo! And I can't wait. And I just signed up for another BIAW for this week. YIKES Me!

Michelle said...

I will think of you and drink a margarita on your behalf, Chrys. :)

(Michelle, self-sacrificing)

tori said...

I'd love to go, too. But then again, I'd be so exhausted I probably wouldn't enjoy it, so... I'll just have fun with the rest of my friends who are home. :)

Aw, Michelle is such a good friend. *g*

username said...

Crys--you know where you can stay next year, right? *g*

chryscat said...

Kel: But you're going to be MOVING! Yay you! Or else I might just have to impose on your hospitality. *grins*
Rene: I KNOW! Bring on the hangovers. OH MAN!
Teresa: Dang! Your plate is full! Go woman!!
Michelle: Drink two. You heifer. *grinning*
Tori: Did you like that? She's so thinking of me. Um...yah.