Monday, September 19, 2005

Even the dog is sneezing

I don't know about any of y'all, but my allergies are kicking my arse. I'm shoving little, red pills down my throat at the rate of 3 every 3 hours. Even our shepard/coyote mix is sneezing.
Our youngest feline decided to catch a mouse last night. But first he decided to play with it. For over half an hour. He was batting it around like he was somebody. And then he would glance up at me to see if I was paying attention. He's a nut.

I need to work on my writing this morning because this evening is booked. And last night, the Whiskey Creek Press authors had a chat at
It's the first time I've ever attended. It was enjoyable, and I really liked interacting with the readers. One of the women happened to give a review to my first book, Virtually Yours, coming out next month. You ever have one of those moments? Those warm, fuzzy ones? It was lovely when she told me that. And then followed it up with, "I love that book." *beaming*
There's football tonight so I need to hop on the wagon and tap it out. I would like to have half my next short story finished and possibly continue editing my second book. We'll see how that pans out.
Have a good Monday. *wondering if that's an oxymoron*

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