Thursday, December 15, 2005

Down home humor

I realize there are so many cross sections of people. From one end to the other. But I have a couple anecdotes from my best friend when she and four others went to South Carolina for some training.
We live in Oklahoma. And yes, I literally live in a hayfield. Those that went with my bf are also "down home." Eddie, God bless him, is a cute little redneck.

One evening when they were down there, the "big wigs" decided to take them to a restaurant for dinner. Let me set the scene:
No prices on the menu
The menu was in English, but none of the Okie's could read it
The management of the plant they were visiting were eating octopus and the like
Get the picture?

First scene: Waitress (yeah, I know. It's probably a fancier term, but this will work) goes to put a dinner napkin in my bf's lap. She grabs her arm and asks her what exactly she is doing. The BW's are laughing their asses off. The waitress replies, "I'm setting your napkin in your lap." My friend's reply? "We're not even on a first-name basis." *laughing*

When they brought in the wine, the waitress asked Eddie if he wanted any. His reply? "Is it homemade?" (sidenote: I've had homemade wine AND moonshine. I've also had moonshine milkshakes. But there ya go.) She tried to keep a straight face and assured him it wasn't. Eddie just shook his head. "Homemade has a kick to it."

The waitress brought beers for those who asked. She popped the top on all the bottles and brought glasses. Eddie immediately picked a bottle up and took a drink. The waitress says, "Sir, what are you doing?"
Eddie: "Drinking my beer."
Waitress: "I can pour it in a glass for you. That is usually the preference. But it's up to you."
Eddie: *taking another drink* "I'm just saving you a dish to wash."

I still laugh thinking about these scenes. This is a little insight to my simple world. Basic. Simple. Drinking out of the bottle. My friends were out of their element, but I look at it like this: If those BW's were to come here, they would be out of their element. And we might laugh at them, but we'd probably wait until they left. That's where we have the class they were lacking.


username said...

Simple. That word says so much.


Tori Lennox said...

I've never eaten at a restaurant that fancy. I'm not sure I'd want to, either. *g*

Amy said...

I laugh, but that kind of place would make me nervous!

Dawnyal said...

I guess it's showing my okie side because I could just see some of my friends doing the exact same thing.

chryscat said...

Kel: Doesn't it just?
Tori: That's what I was saying. No thanks!
Amy: No doubt. I like a nice restaurant, but this was overkill in my humble opinion. I think half the fun for the BW's was watching the okie's out of their environment.
Dawnyal: Yes! And I'm sorry, I could see myself doing a couple.

B said...

Ha! I think I've lived that same scenario! In fact, the first time my husband (then boyfriend) went to a fancy shmancy joint, and the waiter asked him how he wanted his steak, he was like whaddya mean? He didn't realize there was another way to cook a steak, other than burnt to a crisp like his momma makes it!