Friday, December 16, 2005

Yesterday was a good day

Today's still in progress...but yesterday? WOO!
I woke up at 5:30 am and decided to stay up. This is so out of character. (I don't do mornings. Hardly ever.)
And then I proceeded to write. And write. And write.
I wrote 3000 words on book one of the four book set. Then I wrote 2000 words on a story I just started. Fuelled by my trusty Diet Pepsi...I rather kicked ass.
I caught up on some of my bloghopping. *waving* I sent off my Artist Info for my first WCP Torrid book. And I have come up with some goal ideas for 2006.
I think this was the frenzy before the storm. I know the kids have 2 more days of school. Today and Monday. Then I get the little treasures *snort* until January 3rd.
If I can make it from the 20th until the 24th...I have it licked. Because we open presents then, and I know the chickens will thereby forget I exist. I'm well with it. *grins*
And then it's a New Year!
I don't know if I'm necessarily getting wiser, but I believe that I am becoming more adept at embracing my strengths and weaknesses. So I've decided to gather my short-term goals (for the year), and go for it!
Quite honestly...I've neglected myself socially this year. And I've decided to change that drastically.
Since I quit my tech job, I've stayed at home. And stayed at home. And I was beginning to think the computer cord didn't stretch very far.
But I need BALANCE!!!
And I'm looking for some this next year.
Wish me luck!


Gina said...

Woohoo! Great progress.

B said...

*waving back* Wow, kick ass morning, you go girl! As far as the chickens and Christmas, let the countdown begin! And 2006? All about you baby!


Rene said...

What a productive day! That's terrfic. I know what you mean about getting more social. It seems like the longer you stay home, the less you desire to get out. I need to get out more too but with a little one it is tough.

Tori Lennox said...

You go, girl!!!

Silma said...

Congrats on the great writing progress! Seems like the Muses are working extra-time during the holidays. *lol* As for the getting wiser, girl, that's age for you. Yep, older and wiser. Not in that order in particular. *g*