Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just breathe

Chrys,It's a tough phase for you emotionally as you struggle to find balance between your obligations and your need for freedom. Perhaps something has happened that makes it difficult for you to move on -- although you know you must. Someone else's positive outlook can now offer just the inspiration you need to take the next step.

Anyone out there with a positive outlook? Bueller? Bueller?
I'm feeling swamped. I think I'm pushing myself too hard mentally because I feel guilty for being off for my gallbladder thing. Next week I'll be at the school at least 3 days. I have to finish editing my second book. I have several stories waiting for me to jump right back in, and I want to.
Then what's my hold up? I honestly don't know. I love writing. And as I sit here pondering my quandry ( I don't use this word nearly enough), I think I've come up with something.
My first book is out next month. That both excites and scares the bejeezus out of me. I have three children's birthdays next month. Then it will be Christmas. And where in the hell has this year gone?
Okay. I'm signing off now. I need to breathe calmly and tell myself that it's nothing I can't overcome. there's any positive outlook out there, please share.


Danica said...

Positive thoughts headed your way. :)

Gina said...

I'm a fairly positive thinker. Things may be difficult, but you'll find a way to fit it all in.

Nancy Henderson said...

Never feel guilty. Guilt drains all the positive energy out of you. Of course, practising what I preach has never been my forte! Hang in there. I'll get better!

Silma said...

Repeat after me, "I can do this." Just take one project at the time. Tackle the most important ones like your book release first. Make a list and put all the things you need to do in order from most important to least. Don't try to do all at once, or you'll crack.

Tori said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so overwhelmed. I know whereof you speak, unfortunately.

Lyvvie said...

I'm always there with a positive outlook. I see the bright side to just about everything!!

I can hear the swampedness in your voice. Perhaps a few minutes to sit, relax and write down a list of priorities is in order. Buying presents is easy...that's what internet shopping is all about.

Also, now that book number one is out there: FORGET IT!! it's done it's gone, it's graduated college and is moving in with it's frist love; the readers. let them all figure it out for themselves. Your job is done so far as that's concerned. You wouldn't expect a progress report from your child's first lover, and neither should you get one from the readers. It's always nice, but seriously, let it go and find it's own way. The rest is just an adventure.

Feeling guilty for taking time off to HEAL is silly and shows a very Capricorn attitude. You are a human being, not a writing machine. Forgive your body forgive yourself and jump in at medium to heavy doses; not full on assault.

Just think all those smiling birthday faces are important too, all those chirstmas morning smiles are also important. Look forward to the good times with happiness and anticipation.

Perhaps you need to adopt the phrase "One page at a time" as your mantra for a while. Maybe?

Was that positive enough?

Michelle said...

Chrys--yes, lots of positive thinking! Think about how many people never even finish a first book, much less publish it. You are a talented lady, and you're going to be fabulous! Go, Chrys, Go!!

username said...

Check your YIM--I left you a message, seeing as how you never answer your phone. *g*