Monday, August 01, 2005

Just the Mama

Today, I'm just the Mama.
This morning and early afternoon were filled with school activities and PTO stuff. We typed, xeroxed, and then stuffed envelopes. Had a meeting. Made plans. ALL the good stuff. So my wee, little brain is tired.
I won't be typing today because I just don't feel like it. But tomorrow...
Ah! That is another day. Already have plans to be tapping away. *grins*
Kids are watching TV under the air conditioner. It is HOT! I'm so ready for fall, it isn't even funny. This whole 95 degree everyday thing really isn't doing it for me. Even our shepard/coyote is in on the area rug in the front room. (She's a little spoiled)

And an update on our rescued kitty: Toby is great. Well, um, he's actually spoiled, too. And he's flippin' hilarious. That boy can do acrobatics like I've never seen. He's froggy ALL THE TIME! The kids love to let him play with their beanie babies and such. And he just tears it up. Plus we bought him this little wand thing with fur on it. (It actually looks like it could be something else. Ahem) And he loves to bat at it, too.

Look forward to reading everyone's accounts of RWA and how it went. Fill us in! And I LIKE pictures!


Amy said...

School stuff? Already???? Yikes.

And kitty sounds really cute. And energetic. ;)

Nancy J. Bond said...

My cat's name is Toby, too! :-)

Our weather here in the east has been just about perfect the past few days, but more hot and humid is on the way, they say. I don't envy you your 95° days!

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad your rescued kitty is doing well! And congratulations on your great new review!!

chryscat said...

Amy: Oh yes. School. Please. Now. *laughing*
Nancy: What color is he? I don't envy the hot days, either. Fall is too far away.
Suzanne: Oh yes! He's great. And thanks for the congratulations!

Tess Harrison said...

I can't believe school has already started back. Wow. But yay on kitty!