Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is it the weekend yet?

It's one cold sonofagun here. Have the woodstove burning. Lovely.
I've finally made the choice on my school issues. When I've let them know, I'll pass it on to y'all. Satisfied? Mebbe not. But it's workable.

My first chat was the other night. And it was so exciting! OMG! I absolutely loved it. There is nothing like connecting with other authors and readers. Woo! And I love to read about other authors. Simply fascinating.
I have an interview at Fallen Angel Reviews
Give it a gander if you'd like. I'm bursting with stories and can't wait to actually work on them tomorrow. This week has simply been crazy.
I ran into a girl I knew from school that I haven't seen in about fifteen years. She asked what I was doing, and she smiled. "I knew you'd do something smart."
Thanks, Twana. I appreciate that.


Amy said...

It's cold here too! Nice interview, Crystal, and I don't think I've congratulated you on your first release. So CONGRATS! :)

Rene said...

Congrats all around, Crystal. Can you send some of those creative juices my way?

It's in the 90's here. I'm really tired of hot weather. But I'm guessing we end up with a chilly winter.

Tess Harrison said...

Ahhh, the woodstove . . . One of the things I really do miss about my childhood. I loved the smell and warmth of that woodstove!

And I'm needing the weekend deseperately.

fin said...

That stove must smell amazing! Too bad we can't have things like that in miami.

cj said...

I'm jealous of your weather...and the stove!

Danica said...

Of course you'd do something smart. :)

username said...

I need to talk to you. *g*

You're like the most impossible person to catch up with. LOL

Michelle said...

I want some cold autumn air and a warm mug of cider. It's hard to get excited about fall when it's 70 degrees out. Pesky southern Virginia.