Friday, October 21, 2005

In hiding...


I'm hiding from the children. It's Fall Break. *sigh* Does anyone ever remember being out so much when they were going to school? Not me.
Yesterday was middle chicken's birthday. Shopping. For hours. But she had a great time. I have one more this month. (Thank you, Lord) Then I can focus on Christmas. *snort*

And now some GOOD NEWS!
I've been contracted by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid for a FULL NOVEL! WOO! WOO!
I already have two short stories. One is Naughty and Nice due out January 2006 in the Winter Wishes Anthology. Then there is Intervention which will be in the Spring Flings Anthology due out in April 2006.
The title of the full is What He Wants. It's a Paranormal Romance.
I am so excited!
And now...back to work. I have a Contemporary that I need to work on. Oh...and another spicy story.
It's good being me.


Rene said...

Congrats on the contract! How very exciting for you. Better get writing.

What the hell is "Fall Break?" I agree, it seems kids are out of school a lot more than when we were kids.

Tori said...

I swear, we were in school ALL the time! Sure seemed that way, at any rate. *g*

Major congrats on the contract!!!!

Amy said...

No, I don't remember being out of school so much. Hmph.

And I already congratulated you, but that kind of news deserves another round of congrats!!

Gina said...

Congrats on the contract!

The kids in my city were just off for fall break, but the ones in the next city weren't and I live on the border of both!

Olga said...

Great news! Major congrats on the contract!

Michelle said...

Way to go on the contract! You are doing great!!

Tess Harrison said...

WTG!! That's so awesome girl! Congrats.

Silma said...

That's totally cool! I'm very happy for you! Congrats! *does Ren & Stimpy happy happy/joy-joy dance*