Wednesday, June 22, 2005

You are NOT Bo or Luke Duke!

I decided today to run down to Texas and purchase lottery tickets. This isn't a merry jaunt, one hour roundtrip type thing. I'm on the road approximately 6 hours. But hey! Sometimes ya just gotta suck it up and roll the dice. *muttering* I'll be so glad when Oklahoma finally gets their lottery in place. ACK!

Let me also say that I have a very, very good friend is a truck driver, so M, this isn't about you.

What in the blue hell is WRONG with semi drivers? Well? I wanted to roll down my window and shout, "Dammit! You're not driving the fu**ing General Lee! You're driving a damn eighteen-wheeler. Get some damn sense! And get the hell off my bumper! You're so damn close I want you surgically removed." And what's the deal with driving RIGHT BESIDE ME? I KNOW I'm in your blind spot. Shit! That's why I'm trying to speed up. And yet you persist in playing chicken with me. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

There were two semis that just couldn't seem to understand that I wasn't their vehicular toy. I'd pass. They'd pass. Then flippin' construction for miles on end. One lane.
And let me say...I had my cruise control on. Almost the entire time. OMG.

But now I'm home. And after kissing the grass in my yard, I'm starting dinner and blogging. I'll get around to my bloghopping and commenting tomorrow.
Have a good one.


Michelle said...

A semi changed lanes into the middle of my car a few years ago. Ripped off the front right tire of my car and set me careening into a ditch. I was happy not to die or be injured.

I am not a fan of semis! They give me the heebies, especially when they're right next to me.

Tori said...

I swear truck drivers, by and large, aren't anywhere near as polite as they used to be. Makes me wonder what the heck they teach them at driving schools! Sheesh.

You deserve to win the lottery after all that!

username said...

Glad you've survived. That sort of driving is quite commmon here with 18 wheelers and regular vehicles.

Btw, you need to check your YIM. I just pasted a link over for you regarding something we've discussed in the past and you'll probably find it quite amusing. *g*

Silma said...

Man, some people think highways are speedways. Sheesh! BTW, hope you win the lottery! *g*

chryscat said...

Michelle: Bless your heart! I'm glad you're okay.
Tori: That's what I'm screaming. LOL
Kel: Had one of THOSE days. I'll check the YIM tomorrow. I promise.
Silma: Since you and Tori are rooting for me, I'm sure it's a done deal.

Jill said...

I hope you win big.

Amy said...

After all that, I hope you win! :)

Desperate Writer said...

Yikes! I know what you mean! I esp. hate it when they ride a bumper until they force a driver to change lanes. I HATE passing them, but I also hate riding behind one. BTW--Welcome to Texas, Come Back Soon!

chryscat said...

Jill and Amy: THANK YOU! I'm hoping for a big win. *grinning*
D.W.: It was quite a time. I usually hop into Gainesville and pick up the tickets.

username said...

One of those days? I've had one of those weeks. *g*

Good luck on the numbers!