Thursday, June 09, 2005


POW! BLAM! I've been double-tagged. *blinking* I never saw it coming.
Special thanks to Silma and Lyvvie. I adore you both. And paybacks are a bitch. Heh

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5 Things I miss from my childhood

1. Summers at the library. I would go immerse myself in the stacks. Literally. There were all kinds of hidey-holes at the ol' city library. No children asking for guidance. No worrying about everyone else's library cards. Just me and a literary friend. Heaven.
2. Visiting my Grandparents. My sister and I would be shipped off to the grandparents (sometimes separate ones) for a couple of days. Grandpa had an acreage with horses, dogs, and treehouses. I would wander around for hours. Just being. Pure bliss.
3. Friends. I remember when we thought the world was our playground. We could do anything. Be anything. We were bullet-proof. Invincible. No fears. And then we grew up and learned it just wasn't so.
4. My old desk. I received a desk one year for Christmas. I think I was six. I used that desk until I was twelve. It was particle board with a rolltop. And I thought I was hot shit. I would sit at it for hours and just create things with my mind. It had cubbies and drawers. It also held my hopes and dreams.
5. My old record player. Yes. A record player. It had a blue plastic case, and we bought it at Cook's. I thought I died and gone to Musical Heaven. I could play my records on it. And I did. When all else sucked in my world, I would put on the tunes. This was before my boombox and other stereo toys. It was my first. My first BIG album was "Elton John's Greatest Hits." Can anyone say "Crocodile Rock"? I would rock out to it habitually. Me-come home. Change clothes. Put on a record or two. I had Loverboy and Samantha Fox. And there was this cool place at the mall where I could buy three 45's for $10. And my mother, God bless her, who didn't have the same musical tastes as I did, never said a word.

I didn't add myself to the meme. Heh. I was tagged twice so I put in Lyvvie and Silma. And I don't know how to hide the links just so you know. *grinning*
I had a lot more than five things when I was thinking back and trying to pick. It's amazing what a simple meme can do to jog the memory and take us back. And it's amazing that my childhood is still fresh in my memory.
Lyvvie: I love Dairy Queen. We had one across from my elementary school. And we would sell chocolate bars to raise money. They were huge and only a dollar. My grandpa bought 14 one time. And then we would jump some tape with quarters attached and however far we jumped, we got the quarters. I bought many an ice-cream for myself. It tasted better back then. You can't go back, they say. And they're right. But you can savor the taste of the past and all those memories. And they're just as sweet.

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