Saturday, June 04, 2005

Writus Schizophrenus

Writus Schizophrenus: n. (def.) The abililty or disability of a writer to write on three or more different projects at one time. Symptoms may include irritability, loss of memory, and talking to oneself. antonym-having one's sh*t together.

I've been diagnosed. HA!
Today was the day to work on several different items. I stumbled upon (re: bloghopped until I found it) a Romance Junkies contest. The top three chapters chosen by submittants are going to be read by Tova Sacks of Berkley. Exciting? OMG
Just a little.
I also worked on two shorts for an anthology. Right now, I'm working on the chapter I'll be sending into the contest.

The chickens have tended to the yard. YAY! Right now, they're in the living room inhaling popcorn and M & M's while watching "Oceans Eleven" and "Oceans Twelve." They're taping it for Mama.
Tomorrow I'm cracking the educational whip and going over things I don't want them to backslide on over the summer: multiplication, division, fractions, and reading comprehension. I'm sure they'll thank me for it. Um...someday.


Cavan said...

So THAT's what it's called...

I wonder if there's any sort of medication you can buy for this condition, because I'm definitely in need.

Jill said...

Is this condition contagious? Because I definitely have it ...

chryscat said...

There is no cure. And I'm pretty sure it's a genetic mutation, so I guess we don't need to worry too much. Of course, if I start growing fangs or something, I'm giving my PCP a call.