Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Best laid plans

Well then. Here's what's going on in MY neck of the woods.
After the flat on the truck, which THANKFULLY I was NOT driving, my friend borrowed a jack to fix the tire. Because, you know, the spare was flat, too. Anyway, the truck BROKE the jack. And now we have to buy another one of my friends a new tire. So, my $12 worth of sand is adding up to:
New jack
New tire
And having approximately 12 tons of sand dumped in my yard tomorrow. That's only $140. Three tons is something like $90. I'll send sand if you pay the postage. Heh
Just shoot me. Or at the very least, don't laugh so hard I can hear you. :)~~


kacey said...

no good deed goes unpunished *g No, I'm not really! *gg

Silma said...

Ugh! Sometimes it doesn't pay to get off bed.

BTW, you got tagged on the new blog tag game. *winks* See my website for info...

chryscat said...

Kacey: You're preaching to the choir. *grinning*
Silma: Oh my. I could have swore I changed into my tagless underwear. You people are going to force me to go commando. *snickering*

Amy said...

*snickering* I'm sorry, Crystal, that really sucks. But like Jill, you tell it so well I have to laugh.

Tori said...

Oh dear. I won't laugh, if for no other reason that it sounds like something that would happen at our house!