Tuesday, June 28, 2005

STILL haven't done it

I'm putting it off. I know. I know. It's not healthy. It's not right. And I should just suck it up and DO IT!
That's right. I'm talking about cutting out the paranormal parts of my book set. *SIGH*
It's just so damn hard. I've NEVER cut that much of a story. So, I'm avoiding it like the plague. I am weak, I tell ya. Weak.
But then...my lovely CP told me to think about giving the paranormal parts a book of their own. Did I tell ya I just adore her? I do. She's sharp. And funny. And thank God we're doing all right. *grins*
What am I working on?
I'm working on an erotic romance short story for another anthology. Whiskey Creek Press Torrid line will be putting one out every season next year. That story is not in the least bit pressing compared to everything else I have on my plate. Plus I'm already 2000 words in, and I know what I have going on. There's at least two more contemporaries that I'm playing with. One already has 20,000 words. I need to buckle down and do something!
Okay. Okay. *breathing* I need to be strong. I need to get the job done. And I will.


Michelle said...

CP sounds like she has a great idea there! The best of both words.

Now go sharpen that machete, hon.

Jill Monroe said...

Oh, I feel your pain - I hate to cut anything out. I've begun a folder filled with files of cut scenes.

Good luck!

Amy said...

My last round of revisions I started a NEW file of stuff I cut out...chunks. It was over 70 pages long. OMG that hurt.

You can do it though! Just knowing it could have a life of its own will help! :)

You make me jittery with all your projects at once. *g*

tori said...

Good luck with the cutting! I don't envy you at all.

Silma said...

Oh, I know how you feel. I was told to eliminate the first chapter of my latest WIP, and I could cry. I was like, "it's my best stuff in there." I'm thinking of using it in another vampire romance.

Your CP sounds like a great one! Good luck with the story for Whiskey Creek Torrid!

Suzanne said...

Oh, that's a great idea, using the cut out paranormal parts as a start to a new story!!!

username said...

At the risk of pissing off the regular commenters, I'm gonna ask a question. *g*


You're telling the story.

Why not question the editors?

What if scenario here. Just a thought, mind you.

WHAT IF--what appears to be a minor or lesser important 'part/chapter/etc.' that gets cut out could have led to a bigger, better or sequeled story?

If an editor had told me to change the ending of two of my stories, there wouldn't have been more stories to tell.

Looking at it from that aspect, it would have been sad for the characters. *g*

Just a thought.

*waits to be banned, blocked and flamed now*

chryscat said...

YES! I've made the executive decision to heed my CP's words. Sharp, that one.
Kel, LMAO, why in the hell would I block, flame, ban you? Oh hell. You're killing me.
If I didn't agree with the advice, I wouldn't follow it.

username said...

Not necessarily you, but the other people who comment that don't know me. *g*

But hey, if you're not gonna flame, block or ban me, I'm happy. LOL