Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stop the madness!

Beth C. http://charmed_author.bravejournal.com/index.php is evil. In case y'all didn't know this, I thought I'd share. She blogged earlier about not working on her synopsis. Instead she's doing a billion other things. Unfortunately, I'm supposed to be writing two blurbs. BLURBS. Two paragraphs or so each. And what am I doing? Clicking on the link about woman's orgasms. Click on them. It's educational. And um...FUN. Heh
*shaking head sadly*
I've found another addictive blog.


Michelle said...

Isn't it tempting sometimes to send off a submission without a synopsis? Like...oops! I forgot to put one in. You mean it wasn't in there? ::scratch, scratch:: HowEVER did that happen? (grin)

Silma said...

Hehehe! I was suppossed to be working on a WIP but I'm blog-hopping while I was here. I'm evil too.

Amy said...

Get to work, GF! heh I can say that. I'm taking the day off myself. *g*

chryscat said...

Michelle: YES! Oh sorry. My synopsis faux pas. Please forgive me. *snickering*
Silma: HA! Isn't it great? Sometimes ya just gotta hop.
Amy: LOL See how you are? And btw, where's the wine? *looking around*