Monday, June 06, 2005

Wired and inspired

I lead a lonely writing life. My only interaction, so to speak, is through the computer. I value all the comments left on my blog, and I LOVE to bloghop around.
I sent my FBS premise to someone yesterday who I trusted enough to send it to. And she took time out of her day to send me a lovely little note saying that she liked the premise. To say it made my day, would be putting it mildly.
And so I have decided to pull out all the stops and work on the FBS. Yes, I'm in the middle of an erotica. And yes, I have another one pounding on my cerebellum. But I really want to finish the first of the four-book set and start sending it out.

Update on my goodies: Heh. I have goodies. Anyway...I sent my RTB column in today. They are willing to let us laywriters submit a column, and they might pick it to run in August. It's a mebbe. So I submitted because I love RTB, and it's my first stop everyday in Blogland.
I received my first rejection from an agent on my Suspense. But that is OKAY! It was a nice one, and I didn't mind a bit. Look Ma! Alligator skin. *grinning*
I also sent two short stories into an anthology. And I submitted a first chapter over at Romance Junkies in their contest. I REALLY hope that one does well. It's the first chapter of my FBS, and I have high hopes. But if it doesn't end up in front of Tova, well, then it sure as hell will end up in front of someone else.
Yes, I have balls of brass today. They're a little unwieldy, but I could get used to it.


Gina said...

Sounds like you're moving right along, Crystal! I love your positive outlook!

chryscat said...

Thank you. Thank you. *grin*
Oh WOW! You put your picture on there. I LOVE IT!
Yep. I'm cruising right along. And I got 2 more rejections today. Ya know...I'm wondering who's making my agents I queried so busy? LMAO

tori said...

Chrys, Chrys, Chrys! Agents can't really reject you! Only publishers have that kind of power. But, regardless, *hugs*

chryscat said...

Tori: Thank you ever so much. I love them hugs. *grinning*
Okay. option wasn't picked-up? They've redirected me?

Gina said...

Yes, I did. I put it up over the weekend. Thank you!

Michelle said...

Good luck on those submissions!! :) Keep up the good work.

chryscat said...

Thank you, Michelle. I am one submitting heifer. Never say die!

Jill said...

Keep submitting! Don't give up! You have a great attitude.

chryscat said...

Jill: Thanks so much! I love the words of encouragement. It helps so much!

Lyvvie said...



I haven't thought that far yet. You are my mini mentor (not that you're short, but JKRowling came first). I should get me some Gator skin and give it a try.

just need to find.....where?

I'm sensing an afternoon of googling.

chryscat said...

I'm your mini mentor?
*rubbing hands together with glee*
The Power! The Power! *blinking*
Now what was I saying? *grins*
Oh yes. That is so cool, and I'm extremely flattered.
And sure, I mean, she's JK Rowling. I don't mind being the mini. heh
And the 'gator skin? I won't go into the hard way of acquiring some. It's more like gritting your teeth when someone kicks you in the nuts (if we physically had some). And then we pick ourselves up and rock on.
How did the googling go?