Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Day in the Life

Couldn't sleep last night. Finally went to sleep after midnight. Wide awake at 5:16 a.m. Then it's off to Mom's, dragging the chickens with me. Garden time. We emancipated several LARGE zucchini and squash. Kids were busy chasing their chickens. Yes. Chickens chasing chickens. And they're molting right now, so um...they were highly unattractive. The feathered chickens. *snorting*
The sand is in process. Apparently the truck sprung a flat, so it'll be a little while. So much for squeezing ANY writing in today. I have crab dip to make. Deviled eggs. And all sorts of other things that are BAD FOR US. LMAO That's why it's so damn good. So, I guess today is just a summer day. Time to relax (besides spending hours in the sun shoveling sand) and inhale some summer fare.

Writing stuff: I figured out I want about 20 chapters on the FBS. That seems about right. Then I can revise as necessary. It's going right along. I've been putting in about fifteen pages a day AKA a chapter. Not bad. And then I had the brilliant idea (pfffttttt) of doing the sequel to my first book coming out in October. It's about the heroine's sister. We'll see. That one isn't set in stone yet. SO MANY STORIES TO WRITE!!!
Oh. And Mom gave me some Creatacard stuff. So now I want to play and make cards. So focusing? Probably tomorrow.
And good news about my banner. I think I'm going to have one made.
What do you think?
"Author Crystal Inman Bringing Desire to Your Door"
Am I cheesy, or what?


Suzanne said...

Crab dip and devilled eggs are two of my favorite things. I'll be right over. I want to see the chickens anyway....

danica said...

I'd rather you bring the crab dip to my door. Not that I wouldn't want to read your writing of course, but I'm hungry, and all I have are abc cookies, fruit snacks, and some trail mix thing... who wants that when there's crab dip?

Michelle said...

LOL on the banner...:) But I suppose it's better than: Crystal Inman brings a big fat zucchini to your door...

chryscat said...

Suzanne: I've got plenty. For now. Hurry! LOL
Danica: Ah. Back in the day when I could survive on animal crackers and juice. I remember it well. Have some crab dip and some Frito Scoops. *grins*
Michelle: You should see my Mother's garden. Or should I say FOUR gardens. They planted a POUND of okra. So, um, my banner is liable to change.
Crystal Inman brings a big fat zucchini/squash/watermelon/tomato to your door. Two for one if you make me salsa. Heh