Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Preconceived Notions

Hold your snorting until the end, please.

I must admit, when I started my writer's journey, I had preconceived notions. Not about my work, per se, but about y'all in general. Other writers had more going for them. Could acquire an agent faster. And they were aesthetically pleasing and could manage to write, manage the house, and everything else whilst I was struggling with the basics.
Yes, I really thought that.

And then my eyes were opened by the wonderful world of reality. Y'all have no idea how comforting that is. Y'all are real people. REAL PEOPLE. How cool is that?
And not to um...derive any type of pleasure from your "real" selves, but I love that fact that not every day is perfect for you.

We all struggle. We all work our butts off. We all deal with outside forces, unruly chickens, SO's who sometimes JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND, agents, publishers, and ourselves.
So I'm thankful for the peeks into your lives. The stories that parallel mine. And the understanding that only a fellow writer can give.
So thanks. Thanks for opening my eyes. Making me laugh. And showing me that together we have a great support system.

And now that I've let some of the sappy out, I must comeback next post and use some snark. There must be a balance struck here somewhere.


username said...

Clearly way behind here, but you can drop by my blog anytime and see how insane my life is. *g*

Nancy Henderson said...

I remember back in the day when I thought writers say by the pool all day drinking colorful drinks from tiki mugs and agonizing over how they would spend their royalty checks. *Reality check* Writers are insecure, workaholics, perfectionists, worrywarts. Geez! I'm goin' back to the tiki dream...