Friday, June 17, 2005

The lengths I'll go to

First: Thank you to everyone for the congrats and well wishes! I loved them all!

I spent my day reformatting my suspense for a publisher's guidelines. And man! For this technically challenged woman, it was an ordeal. They had a page of stuff they needed done before they would even look at it. And two pages of biographical information and publicity ideas. I've only ploughed about halfway through it. And I used MS Word for the first time! WOO! I had to transfer from MS Works so that I could do what needed to be done. Plus they wanted page counts and word counts for each chapter. Good thing I' m a tad bit anal. I actually started to enjoy it. *rolls eyes*
Sometimes I worry about myself.

But I finally finished with the guidelines, and then I bipped around bloghopping and reading. I'm constantly amused by the day-to-day antics of both Suzanne and Jill .
*shaking head and laughing*

I seriously need to start writing in MS Word now. It will save some time and save my children from learning a few choice words before they need to. Heh


Michelle said...

I LOVE Ms Word. It rocks! :)

chryscat said...

Oh yes. I've found a new best friend. I didn't know you could do all that stuff with a document.

Jill said...

You'll get used to Word. I went from Works (years ago now) to Word and LOVE it.