Friday, June 10, 2005

The long and short of it.

Sand sucks.
The kids worked their collective asses off yesterday with shovels, rakes, and boards. They wanted that pool BAD!
My friend hauling the sand had ANOTHER flat tire yesterday, so it was like five o'clock before we had all the sand in the yard. We were all sunburnt, cranky, and disappointed. Then came the leveling part. We leveled as best we could and thus began the filling of the pool. And B, God bless her, called and asked if the kids wanted to come over again and swim in her pool. OMG! Yes. Hell yes. I think we were ready before I hung up the phone. My friend was driving, and I drank 2 Margarita Wine Coolers on the ten minute trip over there. I didn't have anymore, but believe me, it took the edge off. Heh
The pool is filling up right now. I'm going to let the chickens hop in this afternoon. That water is going to be hella cold, but they won't care.
And during this whole adventure, I managed to jam my left pinky toe against a spare tire. It is now completely purple. Only hurts when I walk/stand/breathe.

Writing news: I haven't written ANYTHING the past two days. Life has, again, taken precedence. Pesky. Very pesky. So I'm typing today and working on Book 1 of the FBS. When I write, I'm committed to a chapter a day, roughly fifteen pages.
I'm considering joining a writing organization, but I'm so unsure as to what will be the right fit. And with all the talk of CP's and such, I want one or two. But then I have all the fears that go with it. What if I'm too harsh? I know what I like. I know the basic grammar and style rules. But I don't want to screw someone else's ms up. What if they utterly loathe what I write? It's just a cluster. I'm still pondering this one.
Off to write.


Michelle said...

Glad the kiddos got to enjoy the pool.

Hope you can get the writing kick-started soon! :) I know what you mean about CP's. So hard to find!!

chryscat said...

Those little heathens were out there for 8 hours! I dipped them in sunscreen and away they went.

tori said...

I haven't written ANYTHING the past two days. Life has, again, taken precedence.

Life is sneaky that way. It's very annoying.