Thursday, June 30, 2005


Let's see.
Yesterday we ripped the bathroom floor down to the floorboards. Took the toilet and the sink out. So, I was a little busy. And I didn't even really have the HARD work. Today is laundry and clean-up.
I need to write. It's simple. Basic. NECESSARY. I need to write. I'm doing the hacking on my FG book. No problem. The grieving phase has passed.
I'll get to hacking a little later on. Friday is shopping. Saturday--NEED to write more. Sunday is a birthday party. Monday-another party. I see massive amounts of food in my future. LMAO
Why do holidays revolve around food? Good grief! It's not right. Seriously.

Kids are out in the pool. I'm waiting for my clothes to wash so I can take them to town and dry them.
I'm not brushing my hair, shaving my legs, or giving a damn. Naturally, I'll run into people I've known forever and will be embarrassed beyond all recognition. Odds are.
I'll check back in, time permitting, after I excise portions of my manuscript.


Suzanne said...

Before we moved I ran into everyone I knew at Wal-Mart or the grocery story. One of the perks of moving has been not knowing anyone in the stores!

Linda Winfree said...

Chrys . . . you're living my life! However, at this point, not only is the bath ripped out, but there's no carpet in the living room or a/c in the whole house.