Thursday, June 16, 2005

What she's doing now

And now I hope all of you have that damn Garth Brooks song floating through your head. heh
At least it makes an appropriate blog post title.

I'm editing (again) my suspense. I have this AWFUL habit of putting the wrong tags on dialogue. And now that it's been pointed out to me, Thanks Marsha!, I'm fixing it.
I wrote 2000 words yesterday and 4000 words the day before on book 1 of the FBS. Bippin' right along. For some reason, I was in Editor Mode today.

Romance Junkies is having a contest where authors can post a chapter of their book and have the opportunity to have said book underneath Tova's nose. On her desk. And whoo! What fun.
I've put in a chapter, which I've mentioned in an earlier blog post. I even used a pseudonym. I will say that mine hasn't been posted yet. New entries are posted Mondays. I followed the rules. All entries are supposed to have a nom de plume. And we are NOT allowed to advertise our entries because then it's by popular vote and not merit, perhaps. I can appreciate this rule. But I also know of another writer who advertised her entry on another loop, and she didn't get busted. Remember the HQN scandal? All that number manipulating? God.
The wonderful ladies at Romance Junkies can guard against that, but they don't have eyes everywhere. And this particular person really pissed me off. I even wrote chaoscat and asked. I figured, HEY!, I have a few friends. I could lobby for my work. But then I realized that if the work doesn't stand on its own, what good is it?
So I will let well enough alone. Here's the link for the Romance Junkies contest:
Check it out each Monday and vote for your favorite entry. There are some good ones. And you'll help one lucky writer out there with their dream.


Tess Harrison said...

WTG on that progress! That Romance Junkies contest. I'm going to have to break down and enter it I think. . . Maybe.

Suzanne said...

Good luck, Crystal! I'll check it out!

chryscat said...

Teresa: Thanks!
And YES! Enter the contest. They'll post ALL the entries no matter how many they receive. And it will be good exposure. You can do it, woman!

chryscat said...

Suzanne: Yay! Cat has really been extremely nice, and I wanted to do all I could to point readers in the general direction of their contest. It could change someone's life. And THAT, is cool.

tori said...

Good luck, Crystal!

Amy said...

Good luck! I'll check it out when I haven't had too much wine. *g*

kacey said...

Ha, I saw that, Amy had wine last night too *g ...

Good luck with your entry. Thanks for the link!

chryscat said...

Tori: Thanks so much! I appreciate it!
Amy: If you come to the blog, you must share the wine. I'm sure it's part of the Blogger by-laws or something. BTW, what kind of wine?
Kacey: Too? Too? Okay. I want to know who's going to be sharing the wine. Dang it. I need to go to the liquor store.
Thanks for the luck! Yw on the link!

Jill Monroe said...

Good luck - and what HQN scandal. I am always out of the loop!

chryscat said...

Jill: That one where there were about four finalists. You could vote and whomever received the most votes was supposed to be contracted, I think.
The "winner" *snort* was using one of those computer counter things, and it was OBVIOUS. There was no way it would be possible for her to amass all those votes. There was quite a to-do when it was revealed what went on. And many people were flat disgusted. There is now a program which can detect that. Thank goodness. Don't know what happened to little Miss Counter girl.