Sunday, June 05, 2005

School's out for the Summer-or is it?

Back when I was a wee chickie, I wanted to be a teacher. I've always had an affinity for office supplies, and I thought teaching would be a good way to be on the inside of that. *snickering*
Okay, not really. I had wonderful teachers in my first and third grade years. My first-grade teacher enabled me to skip second grade because of my reading level. My third-grade teacher stepped up and included me in the class and made me feel welcome. They'll always hold a special place for me.

So during the summers, I teach my chickens. We go over things I think they'll need for the next year. I make sure they keep their skills up. My kids are stair-steps, so I pretty much know the curriculum and basics I'm looking at. We don't do schoolwork everyday. BORING
But we do go at it twice a week for a couple of hours. And today is the day we're starting their work. Baby chicken has already been in here four times wondering when we're starting. She is KILLING me. *laughing* Others are not so enthused.
When I'm done with them, I'll continue working on my FBS.
Lazy Sunday?
Not hardly.


Michelle said...

That's so sweet. :) Glad she enjoys it!

username said...

For once, it looks like this comment thingy is gonna cooperate.

Go you on keeping their little brains sharp over the summer.

Looks like I'll be homeschooling, if we're still in this location.

Suzanne said...

My daughter vowed to work on her math over the summer but somehow shockingly I don't see her doing it!!!

chryscat said...

'Twas a hoppin' time here in the hayfield. The math of the day was fractions. We added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided.
Now that my children loathe me, I'm satisfied. *snickering*
Okay. Wasn't that bad. BC zipped right through hers. No big surprise there. I showed MC how to do Improper fractions and how to reduce fractions to lowest possible fraction. OC read, and I quizzed her on comprehension.
I'll probably torture them again around Thursday or Friday. All depending on when we get the pool up.

Olga said...

I second Michelle: it's so sweet. I also dreamed of becoming a teacher, became one, and then found out it's not for me. Bummer.

Margery said...

I used to do that with my boys, even though they never even realized that's what I was doing. Great idea.

Amy said...

At 3 and 5yo, my kids LOVE to learn stuff. I just hope it continues. If so, I might have to do some refresher courses to keep up with them. :)

chryscat said...

Olga: I changed my major from Elem. Ed. in college to a double major of English and Psychology. I never finished, but that's a story for another time. Suffice it to say, I'm pleased with the writing life.
Margery: Yep. I LOVE it! The kids like it until I have to show them something new or they miss one on their paper. But they bounce back, and all is well. I LOVE the Internet. I can print professional looking math papers for them. They think it's cool.
Amy: I KNOW! The chickens were doing some type of "new math" this year. I was thisclose to freaking out. I don't know who suggested this mutant math, but it sucked. Hard. And ever so long. There will come a time, not so long from now, when my sessions will be obsolete. Um...then I'm going to hire a tutor.