Thursday, June 16, 2005

Feel my head

Time for another confession.
I love WebMD. Love it. And that symptom checker thing with the swirling woman or man? I think it rocks. You can pinpoint where the pain/problem is. Kewl.
I've had upper butt/lower back pain (WebMD calls it "flank pain", ahem...MOO) for quite awhile now. Then I get a twinge underneath my right shoulder blade. I have itty, bitty blisters on my right hand below my thumb. So. Let's see. Oh. And my ovaries are screaming, but I already know what causes that. Pfffftttt
I could have diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones, shingles, be pregnant (NOT), pulled something, be over-stressed, have bone or muscle problems, been bit by something, infection, psoriasis, eczema, or any one of several other things.
I love self-diagnosing. Too bad I can't write my own prescriptions. Heh


Lyvvie said...

Lower back pain, ugh! a curse, that.

The pain under the shoulder blades I can relate to, I get that with forced torso twisting. I used to injure myself because of the way the bathroom in our new house had the T.P. poistioned; behind my right elbow and the seat was right up against the wall. You'd have to twist yourself around and pull the paper with your left hand. I suffered that about three times before I moved the T.P. holder to a more normal, and comfortable spot.

The blister problem we get every so often too, but It's a stress thing we figure. Husband gets them all over the palms of his hands. I of course tell him to stop pleasuring himself, which earns me a dirty look and rude suggestion.

Wow...way too much sharing, sorry.

swamp4me said...

Shall I give the name of my chiropractor? He works wonders with those butt/lower back/under the shoulder blade pains. Of course, you're on your own with the blister thing. :D

chryscat said...

Lyvvie: Back pain sucks. I slipped a disk last year and thought I was dying. Maybe I was just hoping for death. Dunno. I still have twinges. And since I'm addicted to sitting at this damn desk for hours on end, I suppose my back/butt is in revolt.
And hey! That's what the blog is for. To share.
And blisters are NOT self-induced. LMAO
Swampy: I don't know if a chiropractor would work. I think I need to do more stretching and such. And the blisters? Yeah. Probably stress related.
Of Mom would simply say it's my hatefulness working itself out.

username said...

Chiropractors can be very good for the back--if you can luck up and find a good one.

Since we have none here to go to, we use our inversion table. I can't tell you how much better my back is actually doing now. Remember when my lower back locked up for like a month back in April? I mopped and vacuumed yesterday and I can't tell you how long it's been since I could do both on the same day.

Tori said...

Diabetes, huh? I've been diabetic since I was five and those symptoms sure don't sound like diabetes to me! Wonder what the folks at WebMD are thinking???

(And it IS a cool site, isn't it? I love them.)

chryscat said...

Tori: Yeah. I'm addicted. Actually, I think it was a thread I followed from the blister thing. I was clicking here, there, and everywhere. One of them mentioned diabetes and shingles around the same page. ???

Michelle said...

Sometimes there is too much information on the web. (grin) Ain't it great?

Jill said...

You owe me an hour that I just spent self-diagnosing all my woes, LOL ...

chryscat said...

Michelle: I lurve it. Oh yes. *grinning*
Jill: Bless your heart. I don't really think you'll ever have enough time. How's the foot? I think you probably need to bookmark WebMd. Um...for precautionary measures.