Friday, June 24, 2005

Master Plan

All right. Here it is. I'm playing hooky today. I've fulfilled my blogging and bloghopping responsibilities. And now, it's time to play.
I'm going to hop in the pool. And I'm going to bake myself. Any inhalation of Diet Pepsi and chocolate is simply a bonus.
I've finished my two blurbs for the "Love Anthology" from Whiskey Creek Press. Um. So I did SOME work today. *snickering* If you could call it that.
And later this evening, after I've pushed my hedonistic tendencies to the limit, I may open a document and get to tapping. Mebbe.
Have a great Friday!


kacey said...

I want to play hooky!!! Sounds like such fun. A day of mememe!! I deserve one too, don't you think??

chryscat said...

Kacey: Why yes. You go right ahead. I believe that would be a WONDERFUL idea. *grinning*

Michelle said...

We all deserve a day off. While we're at it, I want Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson to rub my shoulders and feed me chocolate caramels.


chryscat said...

Michelle: Ah. Dream day. Okay. Here's what I would like. Toby Keith, Keith Urban, and Brett Favre rubbing um...everything...oh, and chocolate caramels rock. I'm with you. Heh

Beth Ciotta said...

I'll take Mel Gibson and a handful of those chocolate caramels, please. :)

Hope you enjoyed your play day!

Tori said...

Crystal, of course you deserve a day off! Call it a mental health day. :)

For that pampering, though, give me Pierce Brosnan, please. Thank you.

Desperate Writer said...

You ahve a pool? SHUT UP. I'm jealous. You can have the DP. I'm a Diet Coke girl myself.