Thursday, June 02, 2005

Peek in my bedroom

This is the newest quiz floating around. It's about sex. I think we all knew I couldn't resist this one. And without further ado:

How You Really Feel About Sex

Your desire is best described as anticipatory.You need 20 minutes of foreplay.During sex, you feel exhilirated.At orgasm, you think "Hell Yes!".At orgasm, you say "Woohoo!".Your ideal sexual experience is phenomenal.After sex, you'd like your partner to tell you "Damn Fine Job".

Grins and moans*

After puttering around the site and taking numerous other quizzes...I now know how good my orgasms are, what sex toy I am, and my Kinsey number. I am, however, drawing the line. Sometimes I share too much. Heh


Eva Gale said...

Heee!!!! ROTF!

chryscat said...

Some of these quizzes were a little risque but a hell of a lot of fun.