Saturday, June 18, 2005

When the stars speak

Chrys,You can feel the energy coming at you, even if your eyes are tightly shut. You may have thought that you've lost the buzz, but it's like the tide at the seashore. It comes and it goes. Try not to get all worked up about external events. Remember that you don't have control of everything. Don't take on more than you can handle.

Okay. Here's my problem. When did I lose control of everything? And I've been taking on more than I can handle for longer than I can remember. And I live to get worked up about external events. *laughing* Damn.

I'm sure this falls under "don't sweat the small stuff." And I'm getting better at that. If you could see my house, you would know it. I need to do dishes. And the chickens and I are going to be doing lawncare a little later on. You know, when it drops below 95 degrees here. I thought it would be nice if they could actually see below their knees. *shrug* It's a Mama thing.

I believe I'll be editing today. I need to go back through my manuscript which will be released in Feb. 2006. I'll be tightening that little sucker. And if I have time, I'll tackle book one of my FBS.
Enjoy the day!


Suzanne said...

Ahahaha. Don't all women do this? Take on more than we can handle? It's a sickness.

Amy said...

I agree with Suzanne. And I'm in the same boat about the's very clear I'm not sweating the small stuff there. *g*

Good luck with the editing!

Silma said...

We all feel like we've lost control at one time or another. It's a matter of organizing. Put forth what's important. And yes, not sweat the small stuff. *lol*

kacey said...

I'm not sure I'd recognize control if it came up and bit me on the butt...

chryscat said...

Suzanne: I'm sure it's a genetic mutation of the XX chromosome. Why hasn't someone done a study on this?
Amy: Thanks so much. Editing? NOT my favorite. And I hope you find some GREAT stuff to wear for Reno.
Silma: Isn't that the truth?
Kacey: You know. I've been bit on the ass, but it wasn't by control. Heh

Tess Harrison said...

Control? What's that?

Seriously though, good luck. I've been in editing h*** for a while now too and it's driving me insane.

chryscat said...

Teresa: That's what I'm screaming. Why does editing have to be so damn awful? It was fun the first time around. ACK!