Tuesday, June 07, 2005

We delight in finding someone's mistakes.

This post brought to you by my chickens who are deep in reading and are delighting in picking out mistakes in the text.
One of these books is a Frank Baum book (Wizard of Oz series). One of these is a Beverly Cleary book. Both have either typos or grammatical errors in them. Isn't that amazing?

Children love telling someone they are wrong. If I had a dollar every time I tried to explain the children's homework, only to be told that was NOT the way Mrs. So-and-so did it, I could retire. And probably pay for my nerve pills. *laughing*
Why do we insist on being right and assume everyone else is wrong? I'm guilty of this. I rule this house. Period. And when there is a wrong of some sort, I right it. Usually with eye-rolling and gritted teeth. What's wrong with these people? Don't they know how to do anything?
I think this stems from a point in time when I was it. I HAD to do everything, and it had to be right. And thus it's evolved into this monster now.
I need to let some of this go. So the plates aren't put in the right spot. So what? So someone missed a corner of the rug with the sweeper. Who cares? As long as the basic need was met, why must I insist on it being done a certain way? My way.
There are things I insist on. Clothes to be folded nicely and off the floor. Dishes with nothing left on them. Stuff like that. I won't let these go. But maybe I'll realize something about the little stuff.
No one's perfect. Not even me.


Margery said...

I'd go along with "no food on the dishes". I'm trying to stop sweating the small stuff, too. Hard to do for an anal type A personality.

chryscat said...

Margery: Isn't it just? SIGH

Suzanne said...

It depends on whether I'm writing a book or not. If I'm in the middle of a book, the house falls apart around me if I don't care. I finish and am between books and I run around wiping up after people and casting glares if they drop a crumb, LOL.

Michelle said...

Kids love to tell you you're wrong. Especially when you're a teacher! :D

username said...

Long time ago, I made a post about monkeys and how we all have some. But then we wind up with other monkeys we think we have to deal with.

The best way to do that is to send some of them back where they came from. *g*

Danica said...

It's funny that you say this... I like things done a certain way, and as my poor DH will tell you, I go ballistic when it's not. Sadly, my daughter has inherited this trait, and so she and I drive each other insane with wanting things "our way". God help me when she becomes a teen.

Lyvvie said...

Hope you don't mind, but; Tag! you're it!

Lyvvie said...

Conversation with my Husband last night:

Me: We are supposed to capitalise the months and days of the week, right?

Him: Yeah.

Me: And the planets?

Him: uh-huh. (that stare that says "get to the point woman,you're interrupting and I'm tired already)

Me: So why not the seasons? I thought we are supposed to capitalise the seasons, but the spellchecker ignores it everytime I do it. I think we do.

Him: No, I don't think so. you don't for summertime, but maybe for Summer? I don't know.

Me: But you would for the Sun.

Him: No, not the sun.

Me: We capitalise the planets but not the Sun? Like it's the parent of the planets - That's disrespectful.

Him: Do what you want. I don't care. leave me alone (and back he goes behind his comic book.) Why do you harrass me with this, now I have to look it up...*grumble*

He couldn't find proof so I'm still unsure on this.

chryscat said...

Suzanne: I hear you. I let, ahem, certain domestic duties slide to the wayside when I'm writing. The list is lengthy, so I won't go into it here. heh
Michelle: I bet! Little stinkers.
Kel: I'm going to try and ship at least two off today with no return address.
Danica: Tell me about it. I don't see the problem with the older two. It's that baby. She is me madeover. In fact, she's been dubbed mini-me. She'll be nine in October. Be afraid. Be very afraid. God knows I am. LOL
Lyvvie: Dammit! I thought I was wearing my tag-proof underwear. Obviously not. Okay. I'll check it out.
I'll look into the seasonal capitalization. And if anyone else knows off the top of their head... share the wealth please.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Ah-huh. Another perfectionist. :) Don't sweat the petty stuff...and don't pet the sweaty stuff, as they say. Great post. :)

Katie said...

Not Beverly Cleary??? Say it isn't so! Which one? I think we own all of them....
So not a perfectionist here. But then with five kids and a dh who notices nothing, I think I had any tendencies in that direction beaten out of me LOL!

chryscat said...

Nancy: I'm getting there. Funny how wisdom comes with age, for the most part. Now if I can just get rid of these pesky grays. SIGH
Katie: Can't remember which one off the top of my head. The middle chicken has LOTS of her books. I'd have to research.
*grinning* I do the beating around here. *snickering*