Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sand update

After purchasing a new tire, jack, and imbibing some Margarita wine coolers, I didn't think yesterday was a total wash.
We're back to using the truck again. So let's see. That will be like FOUR loads of sand in the back of the truck. Because we don't want it loaded down with a repeat of yesterday.
We have the pool stretched out on the ground cover thingy. And then there's the fun job of leveling out the sand. My yard slopes like this: /
Not subtle by any stretch of the imagination. The only level spot in the yard is a small path. Not exactly conducive to a 4' x 18' pool. Well, it would be if we wanted 2 feet of water on one side and 2 inches on the other.
Oh...and did I forget to mention it's sprinkling?

I think a have a couple of wine coolers left. I better.


kacey said...

nothing that a little drink of alcohol can't solve... *g

Suzanne said...

Okay but where are the chicken pictures? :)

Michelle said...

Lemme have one of those margarita coolers! :)

chryscat said...

Kacey: Moderation is SO not the key word of the day. Screw a big bunch of that.
Suzanne: Um. I'm not computer savvy. In fact, "crystal computer savvy" is such an oxymoron, I'm thinking of having it copyrighted. I cannot upload my chicken pictures. I have tried. Repeatedly. To no avail. Dammit.
Michelle: I will have to buy more. I plan on sucking down all those available to me at this point in time.
Let me just end this with:
SAND SUCKS!!! Oh. And I will continue my comedy of errors tomorrow. I have a wine cooler or three with my name ALL over it/them.

tori said...

You poor thing! You're having a heck of a time, aren't you? Alcohol sounds like the best plan. :)

chryscat said...

Tori: It was the ONLY plan. heh