Monday, June 27, 2005

One of THOSE days

The day started out nice enough. I edited my two short stories for the Whiskey Creek Press "Love Anthology." All was well. I emailed back and forth to one of the editors. Extremely pleasant.
And then the day went straight to hell.
We ordered a heating element for our dryer. The dryer WILL NOT heat and we have laundry galore. It's actually risky to go hang clothes out because there have been copperheads spotted back there. *shuddering* Can I get a HELL NO?
Well, apparently it wasn't the heating element. Seventy *&^#^$#*&#^ dollars later, I suppose not.
Then began the lovely phone calls. I called Whirpool. They were very nice but not helpful in the least. They said to call Lowe's because that's where we purchased the extended plan. Okay. Did I tell you I was on hold for twenty minutes on my CELL phone because I was downloading something important on my computer? I didn't? Well, I flippin' was. Then I called Lowe's and got a hold of the manager. He was also nice. He told me that I would have to call the &^%##$% 800 number to schedule a service person visit. I didn't have to wait long to talk to him.
Then I called the number for the Lowe's service people. Did I tell you I was STILL on my cell phone and in the middle of the 100 degree heat because you can't get reception for shit inside my house? I didn't? Well, I was.
Another twenty minute wait. But it gets better. After actually getting a hold of somebody, I was informed that they hired out the services. Yeah. Another number. Lowe's didn't handle anything like that anymore. I had to call GE. I asked if the number was easy to remember because up until that time, I was memorizing the numbers these people gave to me. Needless to say, I had to run back inside and jot that one down. I was scared to death reception would cut out and I would have to harm somebody.
Then I called the GE number. Another fifteen minute wait while I pressed several numbers and spoke my information into the receiver. Joy of all joys. And then you know what? I was told by the lovely automated voice that I would be contacted within 24 hours by ANOTHER person. The actual person who will somehow fit me into their busy schedule so I can have some &^%#^%#$ dry clothes. No real person ever talked to me. Looking back, that's probably a good thing. I now have a headache, and I'm sure my blood pressure hasn't quite dropped down to normal yet.
I know for a fact that this person probably won't fit me into their schedule this week. THAT pisses me off. And I'm hoping that they somehow won't call until tomorrow so I don't totally rip them a new arse. Because someone, my friend, has to pay.


Silma said...

Yep, there are days like that, Crystal. You just gotta let it ride 'coz you'll end up with a gun shooting them all.

swamp4me said...

I'd brave the copperheads -- if you go out in the hottest part of the day and avoid the shady places, you'll avoid the snakes. Copperheads like to come out at night when the weather gets really hot. :) Now don't you feel better ;)

Suzanne said...

Ack, I hate days like that! Have a glass of wine. Here's to tomorrow being better!

chryscat said...

Silma: Yeah. I know. I don't really want to write a prison memoir. *laughing*
Swampy: I don't. You nut! We were mowing the lawn the otherday IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY, when one of those baby buggers came slithering by. My oldest almost had a coronary. I was a close second. I NEED the dryer repair person. Pronto! LOL
Suzanne: Yes. Liquor is indeed needed to gloss over this piss poor day. Thank you ever so much for the suggestion. I'm popping the top on one of my remaining Green Apple Smirnoffs.

Michelle said...

Hugs on the rough day, Chrys! Enjoy that Green Apple Smirnoff.

Gina said...

Sounds like your day is like mine has been. Hope it gets better, and as they say tomorrow is always another day.

Steph T. said...

Ah - all that phone time is torture. Defintely have some wine and ignore the's a good excuse to go buy new clothes:)

Rene said...

I have been through that little parade myself. Damn driers, damn service people, damn copperheads. Well, I really don't have those, but I do have a 2 year old and she's pretty lethal.

I had a beer for you this evening. Hope tomorrow goes better.

Desperate Writer said...

Man on man! I know headaches like that. You need a bubble bath,, and something cooold and soothing. I HAT the telephone run around!!!

Amy said...

I would be L-I-V-I-D!

As for the snakes, I'm pretty sure that would have me moving to northern Canada. I so do not do snakes!!! Not even garters.

username said...

Bless your heart! Huge hugs!

Jill said...

I'm sending you cookies. They solve all problems.

Tori said...

Hugs, sweetie! I hope today was massively better. I so totally sympathize. Been there, done that.