Monday, June 13, 2005


I have bribed my children. I am a shameless Mama. Even now, as I type this, they are sucked up into the latest PS2 game. I am bad. Heh
And now I'm over it.

My heroine of the first book in the FBS is PAID to be a megabitch. Hence, the screaming. Or shrieking, as Sloane loves to phrase it. And now she's mad at him. Because he saw something he wasn't supposed to. Hell, I thought reality was harsh.
Usually, I have my h/h meet fairly early. These two are avoiding each other like the plague.

I have news! I'm going to be able to go to the EPICon in San Antonio next March. OH. MY. GOD. I am so excited. It's only a state away. We've driven it before. Two or three years ago we took vacation down there. It will be my first conference. I'll have two books out by then. And the kids will get to go down and have a little fun, too. Man. That worked out pretty well.

Plans for the day: Keep chickens supplied with food and games. Type on FBS. Contact local libraries to work on signings. Daydream about EPICon. Yep. All good.


Suzanne said...

Man, I want someone to pay me to be a megabitch!!!!

Michelle said...

So exciting!! I know you'll enjoy yourself. :)

Bribe those kidlets!

Jill said...

I'm all about the bribe.

chryscat said...

Suzanne: Tell me about it. I'm usually one for free. Who knew you could get paid?
Michelle: Oh yes! I am excited about it. Geez. Don't ever excite people with OCD. It's not like I have problems sleeping as it is. *rolls eyes*
Jill: Aren't we all?

Lyvvie said...

I want to be paid to be a megabitch. But then...i'm a bit too daft and silly to really be bitchy. Paid appropriately though...I could do it.

You know, i was having such a hard time with my confidant, but now the girl is trying to tak over the story. she's become way too aggressive.

I've resorted to pen and paper. she's become too wild to type out on screen. She's even about to blackmail the heroine...not very confidant-ish behaviour.

I know...if I plotted better this type of crap wouldn't happen. But it's soooo funny!

My 13 month old would just eat the PS2...

Caro said...

There are times I feel like I'm paid to be a megabitch -- but then, I'm an admin trying to keep a bunch of project managers in line.

I'm going to have to find out more about EPICon -- if I can get this damn manuscript finished, I'll be published with a new epublisher by then and it might be a good thing to go to. Besides, I could take some extra time and bop over to Houston to see my mom.

Lyvvie said...

*sniff* I wish I could go to a writers' conference.

You'd think with all the talent coming out of Scotland (Iain Banks, Ian Rankin, JK Rowling), there would be more here.

*heavy Sigh*

You'll tell us all about it won't you?

chryscat said...

Lyvvie: Things happen for a reason woman. But I have to admit I'm snickering at your blackmailing confidant. I mean DAMN! There are more ways to write a book than to plot it.
Caro: Oh criminey! You don't get paid enough. Period.
YES! Check out all the EPIC goodies. Go to San Antonio! I would love to meet you in person. And not to be a totally selfish ass, could network and stuff. Heh
Lyvvie: Man. I thought Scotland would be rolling in conferences and such. What atmosphere. What talent.
And will I tell you about it? You bet your sweet bippy. LMAO

Silma said...

I don't have kids to bribe, so I bribe my dog. hahaha!