Friday, June 10, 2005

Where's the pool boy?

Hmmm. I have the pool filling with water now. Everything has been assembled. I shake the box and nothing. NO pool boy. I wonder if I should write the manufacturer. Isn't that a requirement?

The chickens are ALL up in the pool. It's only half-filled, but that's still two feet deep. All my animals are clustered around wondering what in the hell is going on in the big, blue tube.
And it's GLORIOUS! I can write in relative peace. I get up about every half hour, make sure they haven't killed each other, and go back to typing. Received two more "passes" from agents in the mail today. Not too bad. I'm still plugging along. :)

I've written 3300 words today so far. I'm thinking I might keep going. I'll probably break it up with little snips of playing with my Microsoft Office stuff. OH. MY. GOD. I absolutely love it! You can make postcards and newsletters. All sorts of neat things. And I'm having a blast. I'm designing the postcards for my first release. Heh
And I need to work on my website. It's pretty damn bad when I pay more attention to my blog. Bad, bad me.
Tomorrow is going to be super-busy. Shopping, laundry, etc. So I think I'll go back to my writing. WHOO!

UPDATE: I have offically wrote 4300 words today. OMG! I am feeling froggy! *grinning*


Suzanne said...

Hugs on the agent Rs, but hey, keep doing what you're doing--it's the writing that counts! You'll hit with the right agent when it's the right time. Yay for the pool keeping the kids busy!

Michelle said...

All right on the 4300 words! Pools are awesome. Don't sweat the agents. They weren't worthy. :)

chryscat said...

Suzanne: Thank you ever so much. And yes, I just keep plugging along. You know, when the writing takes over, it all falls to the wayside. And the pool rocks!
Kids? What kids? *grinning*
Michelle: The agents? Nah. I'll live. And y'all are right. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Amy said...

Sorry about the Rs but sounds like you've got the right attitude. :) And congrats on all the writing you got done! I'm thinking I should get started here pretty soon.....

Rene said...

Great news on the writing. 4300 words is awesome. Pools are such great entertainment devices. But I'd be bummed about the poolboy myself. I thought they automatically came with a bare-chested hunk. Bummer.

Sorry about the R's. I've got a 1 or 2 or maybe 3 dozen myself. I'm going to use them for wallpaper.

Katie said...

Rejections suck. So does no pool boy. But great on the words!!!!! How did the rest of the day go?

chryscat said...

Amy: It's funny that the only thing that drives me insane also keeps me sane. That's rather twisted, isn't it?
Rene: Oh yeah. I was bipping right along. And I was having fun. I would use the R's for wallpaper, but I like to keep them in the dark. *snickering*
Katie: Rest of the day was pretty good. That pool was one of the best things we've ever bought. Kids are too tired to fight. They are docile in the evening. Ya know, wore the hell out. And I tap, tap away. Bliss.