Sunday, March 27, 2005

Ya think?

ROMANCE! - Love, sweet and tender, aggressive and
compelling. You have a story of romance burning
in your heart. Happily Ever After is a given,
but you will tear their hearts asunder before
your Hero and Heroine gain True Love's embrace.
Nora Roberts and Jane Austin are your guides.

What Kind of Novel Should I Write?
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Morgan Hawke said...

Hey Chrys!
- Tell you a secret about that test... It’s for real. I made the Test using the NY standard requirements for that mainstream genre. (The research was a pain in the butt too!)

Now if only I could get the erotic romance authors to realize that Erotica means Penthouse-style erotica. (sigh) Erotic Romance is a true cross-genre of erotica and another genre – not your standard ‘mainstream’ magazine fare.

Think I should make another test, just for the Erotic Romance writers?

Morgan Hawke

username said...

But I liked your murder mystery!

I've since discovered the youngest orcling has chicken spots. Writing is put on hold. *g*

Silma said...

Oh...I took this one last month I think. I even posted the results. Anyway, it said I should write erotica. Yeah, right. *smirks* Read it, yeah. Write it, I lack talent.