Friday, March 25, 2005

Everything old is new again

I logged-on today, and what did I see? An ad for Nicole Kidman playing "Samantha" on "Bewitched". How did that make me feel? Slightly ill, honestly.
I'm sick of the unoriginality (is that a word?) of it. I can't think of anything new, so let me recycle a classic and make some money. *shuddering*
What is WRONG with you people? Unless you have Elizabeth Montgomery twitching her can forget me as a viewer.
Many classics have been redone, remade, revamped, regurgitated. "Cheaper by the Dozen." Better the first time. "An Affair to Remember." Warren Beatty...Cary Grant, you're NOT! The only highlight of that movie was seeing Kate Hepburn. God bless her.
Sure, we pine for the "good ol' days." Who doesn't?
I saw a snippet of an interview with Ashton Kutcher. He's Demi Moore's boytoy. I'm not knocking her a bit. I'm actually thinking "Rock on!" Anyway...he told the interview that he loved to watch Kirk Cameron when he was very young.
OMG (jaw hitting the floor) "Growing Pains." I loved that show. Has it been that long? Couldn't be. (checking calendar...using calculator...passing out)

Don't mess with a classic. Nickolodeon had the brilliant idea of showing the old television shows the way they were intended to be viewed. My kids can enjoy shows from the seventies and eighties I watched. That, to me, is cool. Jacking with a classic, ain't.
If I ever turn on the television and see Hillary Duff on a revamped version of "Eight is Enough," I'm going to need medical attention.


username said...

I'm tired of all the 'remakes' that are out there.

Where's the creativity these days?

Silma said...

Actress Jena Elfman (Dharma & Greg) would have made a better "Samantha" than Nicole Kidman. Mind you, Kidman is a great actress but she lacks that something to be funny without trying to be so.

"Eight is Enough" is back? Ohmygosh, it was my fave show Friday nights when I less young that I'm now.

username said...

Jenna Elfman would be excellent as Samantha!