Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Coming up for air to scream

I've had enough of it. "What?" you ask.
Division of the Romance genre.
Am I the Rodney King of the genre? Mebbe.
Am I going to say those words? NO
But you know what they are. Don't you? DON'T YOU?!?!?
There are half a dozen places right now that I visit where Romance Authors are up in arms. Over sex. Or lack thereof. Or whatever.
Pick. Pick. Pick.
What in the blazes is WRONG with us? Is denigrating another subgenre going to make anything better? Are you kidding me?
There's talk of PC categories for romance contests. I am saddened by the whole affair. This makes absolutely no sense. Don't we get enough flack without picking EACH OTHER apart. I would think so.
I'll summarize what I put on the comment section of a post.
If judges cannot objectively JUDGE, then recuse themselves. (On a sidebar, I watch WAY too much Law & Order. ALL of them)
Stick together, authors. Stick together.

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username said...

They all need bent over a stump and screwed silly?