Sunday, March 27, 2005

Where is the love?

Well. A fine "how do you do." I woke up this morning not to cheery children and happy campers. I woke up to a test. A HAND WRITING analysis. Seems the chickens wanted the Easter Bunny's autograph. And his "Y" looks a hell of a lot like mine.
So, I had to bring out a piece of paper and sign the Easter Bunny's name. And the children once again accept. Our "E" doesn't look anything alike. *grinning*
But here's the deal...can you believe this? Talk about analytical. I must have been the most naive child known to man. Easter Bunny? Sure. Tooth Fairy? Rock on. Santa Claus? Hohoho.
Oh. And speaking of the Tooth Fairy...she had to make a trip here last night for TWO of the chickens. Are you getting a good idea of the night I had?
There were creatures all OVER the house. And of course, they couldn't visit until the chickens were fast asleep. *yawning*
I'm torn on the writing ideal today. Should I chance it? Should I start? Invest my time? Don't know. I want to. But then again, the chickens still have one egg to find and they're loaded with chocolate and sugar. Apparently, they have no self-control either. The baskets have been pillaged and torn asunder. Easter grass litters the living room table. Tomorrow's Monday, right?

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