Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My middle chicken--the bookworm

I love my chickens. My middle one reminds me of myself. Her head is always stuck in a book. She's content to submerge herself in literature. Go, baby, go! She brought me a bookmark which I absolutely love.

"For Books Are More Than Books, They Are the Life, the Very Heart and Core of Ages Past, the Reason Why Men Lived and Worked and Died, the Essence and Quintessence of Their Lives."
Amy Lowell Untitled Poem: The Boston Athenaeum


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username said...

What a delightful saying. I'm sure some self-proclaimed critic somewhere along the line would have something negative to say about it.

Have I mentioned my dislike for film critics? *g* Or was that my German friend I mentioned it to? She does film reviews, but she's nice about it. Honest, but nice. LOL