Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Back to the business of writing


I love being in the groove. I fell asleep to the lovely thoughts of my manuscripts. "The Portrait" is finished in my mind. I had an epiphany (bear with me. I love this word and hardly ever have a chance to use it. hehehe) with "Unfinished Business." Something that will give Lucky more conflict. *rubbing hands together*
I have let myself slip into the mode of writing when the mood strikes. I've, unfortunately, gotten out of the habit of working eight hours a day on it. That is my resolution from now on. I will work on the writing at least six hours a day. That will yield satisfactory results. Or I will go mad. *shrug* Either way.

And guess what? The chickens informed me that from now until the end of school...they will only go FOUR days a week. Can you feel my blood pressure rise through the screen? Because I'm pretty sure it is. Four days a week. *shaking head* I'm going to need to color my hair again.

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful here. Seventy-six degrees. Sunny. I'm going to mow the massive lawn and cast a line. I'll type on the manuscripts this weekend when the skies are cloudy all day and the children are sucked up into their gameboys.


swamp4me said...

A four day school week? How awesome for the chickens! Do the teachers get a whole day each week for planning, etc.? If so, how awesome for the teachers! Oh, yeah, almost forgot, poor Chryscat :( *snickers behind hand*

swamp4me said...

Blogger split my oh, so sincere, sad face!! Stupid blogger! :(

chryscat said...

You, swampy, are NOT right.
Hey! You need a hand down there? You know...playing in the swamp or something? *grinning* I might have some volunteers. Then I'LL get to snicker. Hehehe