Monday, March 21, 2005

Storm Story 2

I love watching a storm, and here, I have plenty of chances.
Last Spring it was tearing it up outside. It usually moseys in from the west and two-steps to the east. *snickering at self. I live in a hayfield, remember?)
Chickens came home from school. And you could tell it was going to be a good one. So we get all of our stuff done and wait. We hear a rumble of thunder. I do the whole counting seconds between thunder and lightning. Quite a ways away. More thunder and perhaps half an hour later, I still think the storm is more towards the city.
We step out on the porch. The wind is whipping, and I am reveling in it. If I were an element, it would be wind. I don't need quizzila to tell me that. *laughing* We're watching the storm to the south. It's lightning and thundering. We're all chatting and enjoying the show.
BAM! Lightning strikes a pole up on the hill (less than two miles from where we're standing) It's followed by a roll of thunder that literally shook the foundation of my house. If someone were to take those electric paddles to my chest and give this ol' ticker a zot...I'm convinced that it would feel the same.
We were lucky to keep our shoes on. Kids shriek. I scream. And then complete chaos broke loose. I'm thankful the screen door opened, or we would have had to replace it. I'm certain they would have gone THROUGH it.
And I (heart racing 140 mph) calmly say, "I think we'll watch the rest of the storm from inside."
And my oldest looks at me and says, "You think?"

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swamp4me said...

According to our weatherman your storms are headed our way -- due to reach us sometime late tomorrow night.