Tuesday, March 29, 2005

400 words

400 words to go before I hit the big 3000. WOO! I probably would already have them except I'm having this odd French toast craving. Therefore, some things must be sacrificed. I guess the pork raman didn't do the trick.
Listening to Toby Keith right now. Wow...worked my way right down the media menu. Cool.
I'm considering staying up tomorrow and having a little repeat of writing. I HOPE.


username said...

Go you! Congrats! *g*

swamp4me said...

Glad you are in such a productive cycle! Now, as the mother of grown children I feel compelled to add this note: Let's get some nutritious food in our bodies at some point! One cannot subsist on Diet Pepsi, raman noodles, and French toast indefinitely.

Ok, having fulfilled my maternal duties, carry on. :)

*holding breath while clicking on "Login and Publish"*

chryscat said...

Hey swampy!

You think that perhaps the 3 liters of Diet Pepsi I drink a day are having an effect on my sleeping pattern? *snickering*
About the food...I know! Isn't that awful? I don't even LIKE raman. It was quick and easy. I'm preserved from the inside out.

Silma said...

I need my vanilla Coke everytime I'm writing. It fuels my brains. *lol*

Hope you reached your goal of 3K words. =)